Eiheiji is a Zen training temple opened by Dogen Zenji in 1244. The temple is located deep in the mountains, 10 km east of Fukui City and it perfectly blends in its surrounding nature. Its harmonized existence with the natural environment attracts many people who come to see and feel the teachings of Zen Buddhism.

What makes Eiheiji rare and unique compared with temples in the world is that this Zen training temple has nearly 200 priests living together and practicing Zen, while at the same time being open to the general public.

Eiheiji is composed of as more than seventy buildings, large and small. Visitors are recommended to see the seven buildings, called Shichido-garan which play key roles in Zen training. Furthermore, the temple’s construction, statues, transom-carvings, paintings and frames are of great interest for those who are in the field of architecture or art.

With a reservation, you can experience sitting Zen (Zazen) and enjoy traditional Zen cooking which represents Japanese culinary culture, a UNESCO intangible cultural property.


Opening Days & Hours
8:30-17:00 (admission is closed on 16:00)

A shuttle bus called “Eiheiji Liner” departs every hour on the half hour from the JR Fukui East Bus Terminal (30 minutes, 720Yen).
Make sure to buy a ticket beforehand at the Bus Ticket Center!
The return bus ticket is sold at souvenior shops “INOUE” and “IKKYU”. Check the returning bus schedule and its departing place.