Eiheiji Temple

Eijhei-ji temple is the head temple of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, founded in the mid-13th century by Zen Master Dogen. It was built as a place for Zen meditation practice. It is located in Eiheiji town.

The temple is set in a vast site amidst cedar forests which are nearly 700 years old, and is lined with 70 halls and buildings, including the Shichido Garan (Sanmon gate, Butsuden, Monks’ Hall, Kuin, Tosu, Bathhouse, and Dharma Hall).

Eiheiji Temple has various places to see, such as the picture ceiling room (Sanshokaku) with 230 paintings of flowers and birds, Joyoden, which houses the remains of Zen masters including Dogen, Daikuin, the temple’s kitchen, and Sanmon Gate.

Even today, many monks from all over Japan live and practice in the temple according to the strict precepts set forth by Dogen.