Our training – March 4th, 2023

We participated in this training organized by the Fukui District Promotion Council of the Hokuriku International Tourism Theme Area.
The theme of this year’s training is “Traditional Crafts of Fukui”.

At Echizen Washi Village, Echizen Soba Village, Takefu Knife Village, and the Megane Museum, we learned from an experienced interpreter-guide instructor about the hospitality techniques and points of view that foreign tourists expect.
In Echizen Washi Village, we experienced making washi (Japanese handmade paper) at the Papyrus House and observed and listened to a traditional artisan make authentic washi at the Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum. At the Museum of Washi and Culture, we were lucky to be able to see the ancient documents of the Asakura clan, the Fuchu Saninshu, and Yuki Hideyasu, all famous warlords, during a special exhibition event that ended on March 6.

After viewing the factory at Echizen Soba Village, we enjoyed a special “Oroshi Soba” at a restaurant. Echizen Oroshi Soba (buckwheat noodles with grated radish on top) is the most delicious.

At Takefu Knife Village, we learned about the 700-year history of Echizen hammered knives and toured the craftsmen’s factory. Also on display was the work of Kazuo Kawasaki on hammered knives, which was wonderful because it really felt like the knives were cutting through space.

Finally, at the Eyeglasses Museum, we learned about the history of eyeglasses and the process of making frames, and how Sabae became a center of eyeglasses production.

On the bus during the trip, the lecturer, an interpreter-guide, talked about important tips and matters to keep in mind when welcoming foreign tourists, food (vegetarian, halal, allergies, etc.), and the latest information after the resumption of inbound tourism. He also shared some of the troubles and mistakes he had experienced, which were very helpful. He said that his greatest strength is that he has built relationships with many trusted fellow guides.

I was reminded once again that I have a lot of things I need to experience, and I am determined to improve.

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