Our training – April 23, 2023


On Sunday, April 23, our members visited the Yoshida Sake Brewery in the former Kamishihi district of Eiheiji Town.

This is a sake brewery known by the name “Hakuryu,” and the place was really crowded with people.

The brewery had a variety of creative displays in its space, including a corner where visitors could sample five kinds of new sake and an area where they could eat handmade soba (buckwheat noodles).

We were also able to taste the new sake, which is the most important part of the event.

There are many sake breweries in Japan, but Yoshida Sake Brewery is headed by a woman, unlike other sake breweries that have a strong male image.

Perhaps because of this, the sake has a somewhat soft flavor. Hightly Recommended!

Yoshida Sake Brewery


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