Walking around Tsuruga city ― October 8, 2023

This month, a cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, will be coming into the Tsuruga port. In this relation, the members who have been assigned to interpret as volunteer interpreters took a walk around Tsuruga City to see how far it is actually to walk and to see if there are any interesting things to see that we can recommend. The members of our interpreter-guide association are all very diligent. They are excellent.

I realized that a preliminary visit is very important because I could discover things that I could not see on the map, such as the reality of the distance and the variety of stores that can be seen along the way.

It was perfect for walking around town in October, as the summer heat had passed, and the temperature was just right for going out.
Kirameki Minato Kan – Tsuruga Museum 10 min.
Tsuruga Museum – Red Brick Warehouse 5 min.
Kirameki Minato Kan – Kehi Jingu Shrine 10 min.
From the pier where the cruise ships arrive, there is a free shuttle bus, so I would definitely take that or a cab. The only route you have to take is through the tunnel (439m sidewalk is on one side, but the tunnel is long and dark).

For cruise ship tourists who want to walk around town, we recommend taking the shuttle bus to the last stop, Tsuruga Station, and then walking to Kirameki Minato Kan via Kehi Jingu Shrine while browsing the shopping. Events for cultural experiences and stores will be set up at the Kirameki Minato Kan, so we think this will be more central than the special venue on the pier. I was impressed once again that everyone always goes and checks for themselves the number and type of restrooms.

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