Welcome to Tsuruga! Diamond Princess cruise ship ― October 18, 2023

Welcome to Tsuruga! The Diamond Princess cruise ship has just arrived.
What a beautiful day we have with this lovely autumn weather!
As they say, nothing beats traveling under a clear sky.

Many passengers returned to the ship after a day of sightseeing and shared their thoughts.
One passenger was deeply moved by “Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum.”
Another passenger praised the breathtaking view from the mountains of what was the name of the lake…yes, the Mikata Goko!
They also couldn’t stop talking about the warm and friendly locals here in Tsuruga.
One lady even expressed her gratitude with a radiant smile.
The high school brass band performance was nothing short of amazing, and an elderly gentleman with silver hair couldn’t contain his excitement, “Excellent! Thank you”, among other delightful stories.
We’ve received a wide range of feedback from our diverse visitors.

The Kirameki Minato Kan, where cultural experiences such as calligraphy and oboro kelp making, as well as stores selling local products, were reportedly popular with passengers.
In the morning, the free shuttle bus saw quite the crowd, forming long queues. Nevertheless, many passengers commended the convenience of this service.
After work, we took a commemorative photo with the ship in the background with the members of FTGA.

To all of you embarking on this luxurious cruise, may you have an extraordinary journey.
And we sincerely hope you will return to Tsuruga and Fukui in the near future!

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