Fukui City History Museum 養浩館01tsuka

In addition to many exhibit about the feudal Fukui Domain and the Matsudaira clan, this museum features exterior exhibits of Fukui Castle’s outer moat and gate, as well as reproductions on display inside the museum of various other historic items. The museum also has a hands-on history space, where visitors can try on clothing from the Edo era (1603-1868)

Adjacent Yokokan garden is nationally designated as a place of scenic beauty which was the second house of the Matsudairas, is a classic representation of the middle Edo period with a drawing room showing refined taste and a wandering path style garden.

Address : 3-12-1, Houei, Fukui-shi

Tel : 0776-21-0489

Open : 9:00AM〜7:00PM (closes at 5:00PM Nov.6 to end of Feb.)

Closed : New Year Holidays

Admission Fee : 210 yen per person (or \340 for combined admission to Yokokan Garden)