The history of the Echizen forged Knife dates back about 700 years when a sword smith came to Takefu from Kyoto searching for the best location for making  good swords. He settled in Takefu ( now Echizen ) after finding a good water source and started producing swords. Later he expanded his production to sickles and kitchen knives.


Legend says that he carved a wooden doll of dog and throw it into a well and wished that his swords would be used to protect people rather than to kill them.


The skills and technique for making swords were utilized for making sickles and knives .They have been handed down with refinements. They are acclaimed as one of the world best forged knives.


The Takefu knife village association was formed in 1991 with 10 members. They aimed to sharpen their skills further by working at a factory. Each member has a qualification as National Craftsman and has his own specialty. Their forging and sharpening skills, together with the full production process, can be observed  closely.


You can purchase excellent knives at a special price.


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